Exercise For Weight Loss and Health

Exercise should be an important part of your life if you want to have an ideal weight and good health. Below is information on how to overcome resistance to exercise, how to fit it into your schedule as well what benefits exercise can bring you.

- Using positive affirmations can help you look forward to your workout. Repeat to yourself “I feel good about my workout”, “My body becomes firm and beautiful”, “I enjoy my exercise program”.

- Different excuses not to exercises are just the excuses. For example, “I don’t have time to exercise” is one of the most popular excuses. If you have time to watch one hour TV show, then you have 20 minutes to exercise during the commercial breaks. Simple 10 minutes of fast walking qualify as aerobic exercise. If you park your car far from a grocery store then 5 minutes of walk with groceries equally distributed in each hand can qualify for weight training.

- Schedule for your workout the same way you would do for any other important appointment or task you need to accomplish.

- If you haven’t exercised for a while, exercising can cause muscle soreness. It happens because lactic acid builds up in the muscles if you don’t exercise for some time. But this is not a reason not to exercise. Start slowly with 10 minutes of exercise in the beginning. If your muscles get sore afterwards take a bath with sea salt or get a massage.

- Regular exercise increases the metabolic rate and helps burn fat; it can help you lose weight and maintain your ideal weight.

- Exercise can improve your mood because more endorphins and produced in the brain. Endorphins promote good mood and can help fight depression and reduce the negative consequences of stress on the body. Not exercising regularly leads directly to refrigerator meaning overeating and eating junk foods.

- Exercise improves the brain functioning and hence can increase your productivity and creativity. It can also increase the energy level.

- Exercise promotes the healthy heart, lungs, joints, hormonal system and improves the overall health in general.